Steve George


With over 35 years of experience in the business, you could say this is in his blood. Steve is a 4th generation butcher, his family starting their first butcher shop/market in 1924! He began working for his father at Windham Prime Butcher when he was 15 years old, learning the business the old fashioned way. Since Prime Butcher Hampstead opened in 2006, Junior has used his knowledge of the business and his vision to transform the butcher shop into the marketplace you see today. Steve says seeing happy and satisfied customers is what keeps him going.


Michael Healey

Michael has been in the Meat Department with us since November 2016. He helps us keep the meat department running, supervising staff and his “jack of all trades” training comes in handy frequently working on equipment. The big Irishman has a love for food that is clearly evident to everyone he talks with. When he is not here, Michael loves to experiment in his home kitchen with his family, practice yoga, and find ways to be outside with his son, Sean.